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Weleda Rosemary Activating Bath, 200ml

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Rosemary Activating Bath The rosemary activating bath relieves the feeling of tiredness. A bath has an encouraging effect and activates your senses like the warmth of the sun, which is absorbed and internalized by the rosemary plant. The real essential oils develop an invigorating, spicy scent that adds pep to your day. The bath essence promotes blood circulation, soothing warmth flows through your body and awakens the spirits. The bath essence consists of selected herbal raw materials. The very good skin tolerance is dermatologically confirmed. Recommendation Shake the bottle well and just before the bath water is completely let in, distribute 3 to 4 sealing caps of the bath essence in the water. For a moment of calm, it is best to enjoy the soothing ethereal fragrances of the bath essence for 10 to 20 minutes at body temperature (37 ° C). Awaken your spirits. The spicy scent of rosemary drives away tiredness, has an encouraging effect and promotes a pleasant warming of the body.