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Weleda LAVENDER relaxing care oil, 100ml

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LAVENDER Relaxing Care Oil The Weleda Lavender Relaxation Oil exudes the fragrance and warmth of Provence, has a pleasantly relaxing effect on body and mind and promotes peaceful sleep. The balanced composition of fine almond oil and light sesame oil with a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids keeps the skin soft and supple. The natural essential oils are the most valuable of the lavender grown in light and warmth. After a warm, enveloping bath with the Weleda lavender relaxation bath, a gentle massage with the lavender relaxation oil is a pleasure and gives precious moments of relaxation and harmony. Care and relaxation for the body with real essential lavender oil - ideal for a balancing massage after one hectic day. The Lavender Relaxing Care Oil now with a dispenser - Cares for and relaxes - After a hectic day, a gentle massage has a balancing effect and promotes peaceful, healthy sleep