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Weleda children's tooth gel, 50ml

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The Weleda children's tooth gel is adapted in taste and consistency to the child's perception and thus facilitates daily dental care for children and parents. It does not contain fluoride. The mild overall composition does not contain any substances that burden the organism when the gel is swallowed. The vegetable extracts of the tooth gel and the tried and tested silica cleaning body remove plaque and thus reliably protect against tooth decay. Application The children's tooth gel is put on the damp toothbrush. When you brush, the gel first wraps around your teeth, then spreads as a fine foam evenly throughout the entire mouth and should then be rinsed out thoroughly. Also rinse the toothbrush well after use. Specially developed for the care of the milk teeth and the harmonization of the children's oral flora, the children's tooth gel does not contain any substances that pollute the organism.