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Weleda precious fir relaxation bath, 200ml

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Silver fir recreational bathAre you tense, overstimulated or exhausted? Then our precious fir recreational bath will help you to draw new strength and find inner balance. The valuable real essential oils of spruce and silver fir have a finely spicy scent and take your thoughts away to the quiet nature of the forest. The very good skin tolerance is dermatologically confirmed. Tip This bath essence is perceived and valued as pleasant, especially during the cold season. Recommendation Shake the bottle well and just before the bath water is completely let in, distribute 3 to 4 sealing caps of the bath essence in the water. For a moment of peace, it is best to enjoy the soothing ethereal scents of the bath essence for 10 to 20 minutes at body temperature (37 ° C). Calm and clear as the forest. The fine, spicy scent of essential oils from noble fir and spruce helps to sort your thoughts. The bathroom gives you inner balance and new strength.