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Weleda Coldcream, 30ml

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Proven protection against harmful environmental influences: the rich Weleda Coldcream strengthens the lipid layer and intensively cares for dry to very dry skin. Pure vegetable oils and valuable beeswax strengthen the lipid layer and protect the delicate facial skin from drying out. Natural essential oils give the Weleda Coldcream its fine fragrance. The skin feels soft and supple again and looks well-groomed. The compatibility of Weleda Coldcream has been dermatologically confirmed. What does cold cream mean? The term cold cream sounds like cold. In fact, it is the traditional name for cream formulations with beeswax and a particularly high fat content, which have a cooling effect when distributed on the skin. A cream was already produced in ancient times, which is considered to be the ancestor of cold cream. As in the past, Weleda Coldcream contains natural vegetable oils and beeswax. Valuable real rose oil gives it a fine fragrance. Use Apply sparingly and evenly in the morning after cleansing and toning. The cold cream is not designed as a cold protection cream. Even if this belief may arise due to its name, the formulation is intended for the intensive care of dry skin. Anhydrous products are suitable as protection against the cold. We recommend the water-free Calendula wind and weather balm, which reliably protects delicate faces and hands from cold and harsh weather. Weleda cold cream prevents the skin from drying out and protects it from harmful environmental influences.