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Weleda Citrus refreshing bath, 200ml

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Citrus refreshment bathPure lightness and invigorating refreshment - that is exactly what our citrus refreshment bath offers. It arouses your imagination of a shady lemon grove that shines completely in the brightness and warmth of a summer day. The tangy, fruity freshness of finely balanced essential citrus oils stimulates and spreads a cheerful mood. The bath essence consists of selected herbal raw materials and has been dermatologically proven to be very skin-friendly. Tip The milky emulsion of the citrus refreshment bath is also particularly suitable as a foot bath - a soothing relaxation for stressed feet after an eventful day. Recommendation Shake the bottle well and just before the bath water is completely let in, distribute 3 to 4 sealing caps of the bath essence in the water. For a moment of rest, it is best to enjoy the soothing ethereal scents of the bath essence for 10 to 20 minutes at body temperature (37 ° C). Discover the whole range of care products here, fruity and fresh like a Mediterranean summer day. Finely tuned essential citrus oils have a refreshing effect on body and mind and ensure a cheerful mood.