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Weleda Citrus 24h Deo Roll-On, 50ml - firstorganicbaby

Weleda Citrus 24H DEO Roll-On, 50ml

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CITRUS 24H DEO Roll-Soner Citrus 24H DEO Roll-On protects in a natural way from body odor. Natural essential oils from lemon and Litsea Cubeba have a refreshing effect and give a pleasant fragrance. Does not contain aluminum salts that close the pores. The regulating skin functions are preserved. Application: Apply to the freshly cleaned skin under the armpits. Ideal for daily use. Tip: The citrus refreshment shower is suitable for a pleasant feeling of freshness. You can apply the Citrus 24h deodorant roll-on to the dried, cleaned skin under the armpits right after the shower. Discover the whole care series here. Of course, fresh and effective. 24h protection. Without aluminium salts. The pleasantly fresh fragrance is popular with men and women.

Citrus 24h Deo Roll-On