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Weleda 2 in 1 Shower & Shampoo, Frische Minze, 150ml - firstorganicbaby

Weleda 2 in 1 Shower & Shampoo, fresh mint, 150ml

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2 in 1 Shower & AMP; Shampoo, fresh minto -turbulent family life may be, one thing is certain: your little sweetheart develops further day by day and conquers the world through his own experiences. Even if your child becomes a little more independent every day, children's skin continues to need special care - because it is still thinner than adult skin and is not yet fully mature in its functionality. Weleda natural cosmetics is therefore the ideal choice for delicate children's skin because it is particularly gentle and mild to the eyes. Our 2in1 Shower & AMP; Of course, shampoos make children's hearts beat faster - our big little ones have decided and so together with our experts there was a gentle wash fun from nature. The result: nourishing ingredients, particularly mild sugar ideas and child -friendly scents in an animal packaging - and in the usual high Weleda quality. In this way, you can bring your child to your own care routine with a clear conscience. Apply application a few splashes to the skin and hair, massage in gently and rinse with water. Experience great fragrance and smooth feeling on skin and hair. Tip what a small polar bear experiences all day? Let your child tell you your own story - or be creative. Milde and gentle 2in1 cleaning for delicate skin and hair - especially for and with children. For sweet and creamy washing fun from nature, 100 % natural origin.

2 in 1 Shower & Shampoo, Frische Minze