SunflowerFamily SonnenblumenHACK "Pilzpfanne": SonnenblumenHACK with a mixture of spices, 131g - firstorganicbaby

SunflowerFamily SonnenblumenHACK "Mushroom pan": SunflowerHACK with a spice mixture, 131g

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SonnenblumenHACK "Mushroom pan" with spice mixtureSunflowerHACK products are an absolute world first - meat substitutes made from sunflower seeds. A real alternative to soy. All of our products are produced and grown fairly in organic quality in Europe. They are vegan and do not contain any artificial additives and are free from lactose and gluten. The vegan alternative to soy! With our Sunflower HACK made from 100% sunflower seeds, fresh mushrooms and our rounded spice mix - a hearty treat, irresistibly delicious.