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NATURATA Huhn&Hahn Kindernudeln, Hartweizen hell, 250g - firstorganicbaby

Naturata chicken & rooster children's noodles, durum wheat, 250g

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chicken & amp; Hahn children's noodles, hard wheat Hellhuhn- and Hahn-noodles made of durum wheat for the original pure paste with young and old for young and old. For the NATURATA Hard Wheat pasture, 100 % durum Demeter-hard wheat is used by biodynamically working farmers in Italian Piedmont. Hapists is an ideal raw material for pasta, which are also known as Italian pasta. The Mediterranean area is the optimal growing area for durum wheat due to the warmth and low rainfall. Naturata has been moving from these farmers from these farmers for over 30 years and guarantees fixed acceptance and fair prices. The gentle processing with the long-standing partner in the Swabian Alb and the best biodynamically produced raw materials give the natural heritals of the typically good bite and optimal cooking properties. Naturata, together with MyClimate, compensates for CO2 emissions that arise in the manufacture and transport of noodle and packaging.

Huhn&Hahn Kindernudeln, Hartweizen hell