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Logona color reflex shampoo brown-black organic hazelnut, 250ml

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Color reflex shampoo brown-black organic hazelnut Whether fine, damaged or dandruff-prone hair: LOGONA shampoos were specifically developed for the different needs of scalp and hair. All shampoos clean extremely gently with mild detergents of vegetable origin and are ideal for daily use. Vitalizing herbal active ingredients and natural moisturizers ensure a natural balance of hair and scalp - and sustainably cared for hair full of shine, suppleness and elasticity.The LOGONA FARBREFLEX SHAMPOO BROWN-BLACK ORGANIC HAZELNUT with its herbal, washing-active substances ensures a gentle cleansing of a natural brown -Black and vegetable dyed hair. The color care formula made from natural raw materials with organic hazelnut oil, color-enhancing organic walnut extract and caramel as well as vegetable proteins intensifies the color brilliance and makes the hair silky soft gentle cleaning of natural brown-black and plant-dyed hair.