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Flügge® Flügge® Kieselerde Pulver, 200g - firstorganicbaby

Flügge pebbles powder helps with brittle nails and hair, 200g

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traditionally applied to prevent brittle fingernails and hair.

100 g powder contains as an active ingredient: 100 g silica


medicines for children inaccessible. Do not store over 25 ° C.

dosage: Adults and children from the age of 12 take 3 times a day after meals 2 g (1 measuring spoon) in fruit juice, tea, milk or water. The application in children under the age of 12 is not planned. Type of application: to take. Note for diabetics: A crediting of BE is not necessary.

When are you not allowed to use Flügge pebbles? You must not use fledged silica powder: • If you have already reacted to silicon dioxide -containing preparations • If you have reacted to silicon dioxide • In the event of serious disorders of kidney function

Flügge® Kieselerde Pulver