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Dr. Niedermaier Regulat® Magic Mousse, 200ml

Dr. Niedermaier Regulat® Magic Mousse, 200ml

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Regulat® Magic Mousse is the luxury moisture foam with the beauty code for the highest demands. MCE fragment = "1"> Pamper your skin with valuable moisture and give it a unique youthful charisma, fresh and silky softness. -fragment = "1">
folding and stressed skin can now be easily foam away!

The highly effective Regulat® Magic Mousse contains the unique regulation essence In combination with a high-dose content of the fold killer Hyaluron and, in addition to face, also maintains the body intensively with valuable moisture.

< Span Data MCE fragment = "1"> The indescribably delicate structure of the Regulat® Magic Mousse merges with the skin and ensures an immediate refreshing feeling of well-being and relaxed, silky-smooth skin. = "1">
When you first contacted the Regulat® Magic Mousse, your skin will present extraordinary results: Span >
-Immediate tightening effect for even us elastic skin
< Span Data MCE fragment = "1">-24 hours of intensive skin Highness

-anti-oxidative protection against the consequences of harmful solar radiation and environmental influences
-Effective transport of the high-dose, vegan hyaluronic acids, which are effectively introduced directly into the skin using the carrier effect of regulatory essence

Dr. Niedermaier Regulat® Magic Mousse, 200ml