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12 x Dr. Niedermaier® Dr. Niedermaier® DETOX KUR, 90g - firstorganicbaby

12 x Dr. Niedermaier Detox Kur to reduce ammonium and heavy metals, 90g

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detox spa application areas: to reduce ammonium and heavy metals that are absorbed with food.

micronized clinoptilolith-zeolith 100%

Storage and handling: store cool and dry. Keep inaccessible to children! After the expiry date, Dr. Niedermaier® detox cure no longer be used.

Type and duration of the application: For intake, maximum as a 24 -day cure. After an uninterrupted use of 24 days, keep up at least 5 days before the application can be repeated! Sufficient fluid intake in the form of water or non -alcoholic beverages during use

Dr. Niedermaier® DETOX KUR