Collection: Topfer Babyfood & Care products


Töpfer GmbH is a successful medium-sized family company in Dietmannsried in the Allgäu. Töpfer GmbH has been producing products in the product areas of organic baby food, natural cosmetics and dietary supplements according to the highest quality standards for decades.

Baby food and baby care from nature
From the first day of pregnancy to infancy, Töpfer would like to support young parents with his knowledge and products. Regardless of whether it is about care during pregnancy, baby food, baby care or supplementary food, we at Töpfer have looked nature over our fingers and only produce in the best organic quality. Numerous tests and seals guarantee that all products are always produced in a consistently high quality.

And that for over 100 years.

Baby food in the best organic quality
From day one, a balanced diet is important for the baby's physical and mental development. That is why Töpfer has only been using selected and strictly controlled raw materials to produce high-quality baby food for over 100 years. No matter whether with cow or goat milk, whether cow's milk-free, lactose-free or hypoallergenic - we give all our knowledge for your baby.

Natural baby care for skin and hair
A baby's skin is five times thinner than an adult's and delicate. It is therefore obvious that baby care products have to offer a lot of protection against environmental influences such as heat, cold, sun and dehydration. Therefore, Töpfer relies on carefully selected raw materials such as marigold and wheat bran, which can help the skin to develop a healthy self-protection. It goes without saying that all of Dermatest's baby care products have been tested for compatibility and certified as natural cosmetics.

Care for pregnant women in organic quality
At no other time does a woman's body change as profoundly as it does during pregnancy and after childbirth. As is so often the case, the hormones are responsible for this: They ensure that the child can grow up carefree in the mother's womb. But they are responsible for the fact that hair changes often, the connective tissue is loosened and some pregnant women do not recognize their skin.

This is exactly what Töpfer Mamacare has developed: With the power of nature, each product meets the special needs of expectant and young mothers so that they can concentrate on the most beautiful thing in their life - their baby.