Collection: Lamazuma


"Lamazuna, avant-garde par nature."

Innovative natural cosmetics that combine quality, people and nature. All of our cosmetics are organic, fairly produced, vegan and plastic-free!

Our Philosophy
Nature is the most important basis of our being. That is why we have a mission: to manufacture high-quality cosmetic products and to produce less waste!

Lamazuna helps reduce waste by making environmentally friendly, sustainable and handcrafted products that will also look great in your bathroom! Whenever possible, only raw materials from controlled organic cultivation are used in production and great importance is attached to fair working conditions.

Our range mainly consists of solid beauty products with rich formulas that are easy to use: solid shampoo, solid toothpaste, solid deodorant, solid shaving soap. We also have smart, reusable items such as washable cleaning wipes, menstrual cups and oriculi - our innovative wooden ear cleaners - for sustainable waste reduction. Light, compact and with no risk of spillage, our products are also very travel-friendly and the perfect companion in every situation.

The Company
Our head office is located in the Drôme department in south-eastern France, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. The most important companies that manufacture organic and natural products for us are also located here. Almost all products are produced in France at different locations. The solid cosmetics are therefore exclusively handcrafted in the south of France.

In our waste-free cosmetics, we attach great importance to natural and high-quality ingredients from organic farming. The vegan seal of approval is also very important to us. Our products do not contain any animal ingredients and of course we do not practice or commission animal testing. We are the first French company to be certified with the PETA rabbit.

Fair work
But not only the quality and sustainability of our products are important to us. Fair working conditions and reasonable wages are another important point for us. For example, we work 35 hours a week and have Friday afternoons off to share a long weekend with our families.

Social Commitment
We have been supporting local agroforestry projects in France in the Île-de-France region since 2018 and are currently looking for further projects in the Dôme department. In addition, two percent of our profits go as a donation to the “PurProjet” in Peru, which supports various initiatives for the reforestation of the Amazon with seeds, plants and know-how.

The “Alto Huayabamba” initiative of the PurProjet in the Amazon region is particularly close to our hearts. The project promotes the cocoa farmers in the region and supports them with trees that are planted according to the agroforestry system in order to create long-term permaculture. The plants serve on the one hand as a useful plant for cocoa production and on the other hand for sustainable support and safeguarding of soil, water and biodiversity quality. We are very pleased that we have been able to plant over 2013 trees since March 4600.

Help us to sustainably support our nature and discover the right product for you now!