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The Dr. Niedermaier Pharma GmbH, a family company founded in Hohenbrunn near Munich in 1939, is the world market leader in the field of multi-fermented food supplements. The endeavors of Dr. Niedermaier Pharma GmbH has been developing outstanding, nature-based products for over 80 years to fundamentally support the complex structures of the human organism according to the rules of nature. We research together with professors and universities in the field of nutri- and epigenetics.

The regulate products from Dr. Niedermaier Pharma GmbH help people in many countries around the world to maintain their health in a natural way.

Immune system - support in good time ...
The biological defense system in humans is called the immune system. The immune system is constantly exposed to the influences of the living environment. It is of great importance for physical integrity.

Our immune system is based on a complex interplay of immune organs, cells and molecules. It is distributed all over the body with its main seat in the intestines. If you want to support the body's defenses, you should take care of your immune system in good time ...

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