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Bambinchen - baby food made from fresh whole goat milk
Free from cow's milk and soy milk proteins, without palm oil
Breast milk is best for your baby - breastfeeding should always come first.

Bambinchen baby food is made from fresh whole goat milk, the ingredients of which are natural. This distinguishes it from most baby foods on the market, which contain little or no milk fat, but rather added vegetable fats.

In the production of Bambinchen only a few ingredients (e.g. vitamins and iron) are tailored to the needs of the baby and added. Bambinchen 1 baby food and Bambinchen 2 follow-on milk become full meals.

Bambinchen is not made from cow's milk and is made daily in New Zealand from fresh goat's milk.
Bambinchen therefore contains all the positive components of fresh whole goat milk.
A few processing steps ensure very good compatibility.
Bambinchen is naturally gluten-free and is produced without genetic engineering.
Bambinchen is of course without palm oil.
Bambinchen has an optimal protein value and thus prevents the risk of obesity in later life.
The proteins in goat milk are easy to digest.
The suitability of Bambinchen has been scientifically proven by clinical studies.
Decades of experience and a good, mild taste contribute to the satisfaction of the baby.
For over 20 years, happy, satisfied parents have told us about their positive experiences with Bambinchen.

Bambinchen 1 - from birth
Bambinchen 2 - after the 6th month

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